Acme Farms + Kitchen

The Summer of Local Food.

Every other week since May, Morgan and I have received a box of local, fresh food from Acme Farms + Kitchen. This isn’t your typical CSA with an overabundance of kale and beet greens. It has those fresh local veggies that grow great around here AND local cheese AND grass fed beef AND organic flour AND lots more. Each box comes with recipes based on the week’s ingredients, just add a few items from your pantry and you have 5 local, organic meals!

My favorite meals so far: Skewered Greek Meatballs, Savory Crepes with Asparagus, and Shiitake Mushroom Soup. (Can you tell I like savory foods??)

I love that I’m learning new skills and ingredients all while eating local. And, I have to admit, I love the feeling of adding a prepped meal to my freezer for those busy September days I know are coming. Feels good to put money in the bank!



birthday traditions

For the past five years, Morgan’s spoiled me with a homemade birthday cake.

It’s always different. It’s always a surprise. It always makes me feel special.


Pistachio cake with chocolate ganache,

topped with pistachios and a handcrafted marzipan flower


Chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting covered in chocolate ganache


New York cheesecake with strawberry rhubarb topping


Almond cake layered with lemon curd and almond meringue


This year, she surprised me by recreating the amazing coconut creme cake from our Sister Trip to Charleston! When she cut a slice out, I started jumping up and down because the layers were orange and pink ombre!! {The layers of the cake were dark pink at the top and gradually became lighter towards the bottom. Amazing!} Only in my wildest Pinterest dreams did I imagine being spoiled with an ombre cake!

Thanks for making me feel so special! Love you, Mo!

{I’m hoping some close up photos of the cake come my way so you can see the layers better. I was just too excited to wait any longer!}

xo, jess

Sister Trip: Asheville

After eating our way through Charleston, Morgan and I headed to Asheville.

Straight away, we settled into our cozy quarters at Hotel Indigo.

The duvets! The stump night stand!

We lounged around for a bit and literally ran out the door after seeing an ad for Pies in Disguise at the local market. (Which later inspired Morgan to disguise her own pies.)

Photo from Pies in Disguise

Turns out the Pies in Disguise booth wasn’t there that week, BUT we did meet blogging idol Ashley of Small Measure.

Ashley of Small Measure

So fun to meet her after following her blog for years! We chatted about pickling and cheese making and referenced Grace from Design Sponge like an old friend. Sigh.

We couldn’t get enough of Asheville’s fresh, local food. Especially when paired with cute pint glasses, decadent chocolates, or fun music like The Yellow Kites.

Cutest Pint Glass Ever from Tupelo Honey Cafe

Market Peaches

Recapping the day at French Broad Chocolates

All in all, an amazing trip.

Sister Trip: Charleston

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Way back in August, Morgan and I took a Sister Trip to the South. Our first stop was Charleston, South Carolina.

I fell in love with the palmetto-lined streets, rich history, and general grandeur. Luckily, we had the Design*Sponge Charleston Guide to help us narrow our choices.

Waterfront Park

What would YOU do if you found a random door on the beach? The answer was obvious to us: Photoshoot!

Fort Moultrie Beach

Fort Moultrie Beach

Four months later, I’m still thinking about all the delicious food we enjoyed:

fried green tomatoes with bacon jam from Husk

10 layer coconut cake from Peninsula Grill

peach bellinis at FIG

coffee and treats at Baked

Fried Green Tomatoes with Bacon Jam

St. Michael’s Episcopal Church

Next Stop: Asheville, North Carolina!

Lopez stop motion

Tommy & Morgan celebrated their 4 year anniversary on August 11. To celebrate, I created this stop motion video of them seesawing on Lopez Island. It’s my first stop motion and I love how it turned out!

Happy anniversary Mo & To! Love you two! xoxo

a peek into my summer

The last month has been full. Just the way summer should be.

Camping on Lopez Island

Hiking Northrup Canyon

Celebrating Ice Cream Sandwich Day! Read more here.

Exploring the Ozarks

Downtown Charleston, South Carolina

Sister time in Asheville, North Carolina

I’m back home now, savoring my time before the new school year starts.