2011 Book List

I’ve kept a book journal of some sort for most of my life. Sometimes in commercial book journals, sometimes in regular notebooks.

I found my middle school book journal while at my mom’s house over Christmas. I loved seeing how my handwriting changed, how my choice of books became more sophisticated (from R.L. Stine to J.D. Salinger), and my dedicated record keeping (a summary and recommendation for every book).

These quotes are too good not to share {circa 1995}:

“I would recommend this book because I think the whole world would want to live in a house full of the March’s love.” {Little Women}

“There was a lot of jibber-jabber that didn’t have to be in the book” {The Babysitter}

“I hated to part company with Scarlett because she was so real to me.” {Gone with the Wind}

I’m still keeping a book journal, but this year, I decided to keep a ‘visual bookshelf’ with images of book covers in a simple powerpoint.

My 2011 Visual Bookshelf


xo, jess