birthday traditions

For the past five years, Morgan’s spoiled me with a homemade birthday cake.

It’s always different. It’s always a surprise. It always makes me feel special.


Pistachio cake with chocolate ganache,

topped with pistachios and a handcrafted marzipan flower


Chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting covered in chocolate ganache


New York cheesecake with strawberry rhubarb topping


Almond cake layered with lemon curd and almond meringue


This year, she surprised me by recreating the amazing coconut creme cake from our Sister Trip to Charleston! When she cut a slice out, I started jumping up and down because the layers were orange and pink ombre!! {The layers of the cake were dark pink at the top and gradually became lighter towards the bottom. Amazing!} Only in my wildest Pinterest dreams did I imagine being spoiled with an ombre cake!

Thanks for making me feel so special! Love you, Mo!

{I’m hoping some close up photos of the cake come my way so you can see the layers better. I was just too excited to wait any longer!}

xo, jess

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